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Businesses around the world are trying to maximize the efficiency of their real estate portfolios. Whether the company rents space in a single location or has real estate investments in dozens of countries, optimizing the value of "bricks and mortar" is a complex matter requiring high-level business and legal support.

Real Estate Management includes acquiring new office space, disposing or leasing property or investing in real estate. Whatever real estate challenge your business faces, it is important to manage it in a way that optimizes returns and minimizes costs and disruptions.


The way we can help

  • Acquisitions, dispositions and exchanges — Our experts can offer a versatile knowledge and experience in most complex negotiations and legal due diligence over the desired real estates.
  • Development and construction law — We advise on all stages of the construction and development of real property.
  • Drafting of the Purchase and Lease Contracts — Our expertise includes the ability to draft the complex Contracts on Purchase and/or Lease of the real estates.
  • Construction litigation — We represent clients in construction law litigation, such as claims under construction contracts.
  • Entering the private ownership into the Land Registry — Our lawyers are able to enter the ownership and existence of the lease into the Land Registry.






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