Law firm Borić & partners provides legal services in the field of entire private law.
In the below content we will present you our services in selected law brances.




The aim of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances is to ensure that the projected value in the deal is realized. Every corporate transaction demands the right structure, careful risk analysis and forward planning to deliver value and convince the market that the deal makes sense.

Experts of the Law Firm Boric & Partners Ltd. are skilled through the large number of M&A projects within the territory of the Republic of Croatia but they also took part in some major projects in the neighbouring countries.


The way we can help

  • Performing Legal Due Diligence — We are able to provide complex legal due diligence in order to assess the value of the acquisition.
  • Drafting the Contracts and Agreements — We are skilled in providing services of drafting the most complex Agreements and Contracts which represent the basis for M&A investment projects.
  • Integration planning — Our integration planning also seeks to leverage the commercial synergies of the deal by focusing on achieving the most favourable finance, employee benefits and trading structures.






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