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In the global marketplace, competition has never been more intense. Cross-border transactions have increased, and antitrust and competition laws have proliferated. Rules governing mergers and acquisitions, cartels and business practices have exploded around the world. Companies are now subject to antitrust and competition regulations in hundreds of jurisdictions.

As one of the pioneers among the Law Firms in Croatia that coped with rising awareness on importance of Antirust & Competition law in very short time we managed to become a well known address for all companies seeking protection of their interests in the market competition.


The way we can help

  • Transaction approvals — Securing approvals for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other arrangements.
  • Anti-competition prevention — Assistance in preventing your suppliers or competitors from pursuing anti-competitive arrangements that adversely affect your business.
  • Business policy development — Assistance with the development of business policies that comply with applicable antitrust and competition rules.
  • Antitrust/competition litigation — Representation in antitrust/competition litigation before the competent bodies.






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